Coming from the back end of the animal, the Sirloin (or TOP-Sirloin) is much more tender than the cheaper bottom-sirloin. The story goes that King James I of England was so pleased with this cut of meat that he drew his sword and knighted it on the spot, hence making it Sir Loin of Steak. But in reality, the term Sirloin comes from the old French word for “Sur” (meaning above) and loin. But whichever story you choose to tell, the flavor of the Wheeler Farms Sirloin Steak can’t be a myth but certainly it is legendary. Grill it up with cross-hatched marks and serve it with a dollop of garlic butter for a true cost-effective treat. Steak for breakfast anyone? Approx. 1.5 lbs.

Raised Outdoors  

No Hormones, Steroids or Continual Antibiotics

Fed Primarily an Organic Based Diet with No Animal By-Products

Non-GMO Grain fed beef