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Slagel Family Farm

Slagel Fillet (2 per pkg) - 6 oz

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The Slagel Fillet (also known as a tenderloin) is the tenderest of all steaks. It is lean, buttery and mild in flavor. The best way to cook is to sear the outside until browned. Placing it into the oven on a gentle even heat is ideal. Approximately 6 oz. each

  • Straight from the farm!
  • Raised Outdoors
  • No Hormones, Steroids or Continual Antibiotics
  • Fed Primarily an Organic Based Diet with No Animal By-Products

Customer Reviews

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Stacie McDonald Tonucci
My sister's family had the steaks last night and said they were extremely tender and delicious

The meat was the highlight of the party, no doubt. Everyone was asking where my sister go them.