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Fairbury Farms

Fairbury Farms 1/2 Pork Bundle

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This bundle has been upgraded to provide a full half hog - with approx 70 lbs of meat! 

Like to have variety for your family cooking needs. A 1/2  pork bundle is a great addition to your family’s meal prep. Having your freezer stocked makes meal planning easy and quality pieces is a bonus. This bundle will take up 2.25 cubic feet of freezer space. This bundle includes:

  • 20 pork chops (5 pkgs of 4 chops ea.)
  • 6 shoulder steaks (3 packages of 2 ea.)
  • 1 Shoulder roast bone-in (approx. 4 lbs)
  • 8 Country cured and hickory smoked bacon packages, thick cut (16 oz per pkg)
  • 6 Ham steaks (approx. 1 ½ lbs each) 
  • 3 Bone-in cured ham roasts
  • 2 packages spare ribs
  • 7 Ground pork packages (1 lb pkg)
  • 7 Ground sausage packages (1 lb pkg)

Due to high demand this bundle will take 3-4 weeks to be ready to ship.

  • Naturally Bred
  • Raised in Outdoor Lots
  • No Hormones, Steroids or Continual Antibiotics
  • Fed Unlimited Food Supply Including Grains and Vegetable Scraps

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hunter D.

I cannot tell you how surprised I am that the pork came packaged so fresh and ready to eat. My family loves cooking together so this bundle was a great idea! It’s super affordable too!

I’ve enjoyed every piece of pork from Source To Table!

Never have I ever seen this much hog in my life. Pork is my favorite meat and the quality is awesome. I’ve made everything from baby back ribs, to pork shoulder sandwiches, and beautiful pork chops. You can really taste that they care about their animals in every bite.

Shelly B.
Absolutely delicious!!!

We received our first grass fed pork bundle in March and have ordered several times since then. The meat is superbly packaged and delicious! Several of our friends have already ordered and we will continue to spread the word.

Hudson K.
The free shipping and customer service was great!

The variety of the cuts was amazing. Our favorite cut was the pork chops!.But they all were really good. Most organic pork are dry and have a certain bad taste to them but this hog did not, it was juicy and delicious