Due to high demand this bundle will take 3-4 weeks to be ready to ship.

Need to stock up your freezer? Look no further than this extra-large bundle, essentially the best cuts from a 1/4 beef, with a high steak to ground beef ratio.  Total weight ~ 90 lbs! This selection of quality meat will give you options for everyday cooking for your family. The convenience of having your protein in your own freezer makes meal prep easy and quality at your fingertips. This bundle will take up approximately 2.5-2.75 cubic feet of freezer space. Your order will include:

4 Ribeye steak - bone-in (1" / approx 16 oz)       

6 T-Bone steak (1" / approx 16 oz)          

4 Porterhouse steak (1" / approx 20 oz)

6 Boneless Sirloin (1" / approx 12 oz)    

8 Round steaks (2 in a package)

1 Flank steak (whole)   

2 Skirt Steak (2 in a package)     

1 Sirloin Tip       

1 Rolled rump roast       

1 Pot roast         

1 Arm roast       

1 Brisket (point half)     

2 Chuck Roast   

3 Stew meat (1 lb per pkg)

25 Ground Beef (1lb per pkg)              

Straight from the farm!

Raised Outdoors

No Hormones, Steroids or Continual Antibiotics

Fed Primarily Organic Based Diet with No Animal By-Products