The Wheelers raise grain-fed cattle with top Angus genetics, producing beef that much more flavorful and tender than cattle raised solely on grass. David works closely with a certified nutritionist to create their rations of cracked non-GMO corn, screenings (which is ground corn), straw for roughage, and distiller’s grains from a local brewer, which results in excellent feed for cattle. All animals are raised without hormones, growth enhancers or continual antibiotics.

David Wheeler is the sixth-generation to work his farm in Yorkville, Illinois. His family moved here from Vermont in 1843 and became some of the earliest set-tlers of Kendall County. Not only did David grow up in the exact same house his Grandfather did, but he has continued to raise cattle in the same buildings that his Grandfather used 70 years earlier. David, his wife Becky, and their growing family are proud to carry on the tradition of caring for the land and live-stock in a way that would make previous generations proud.