CORONAVIRUS COMMITMENT: We are still shipping at regular pace during this time of dire need. All precautions are being taken.

Shipping FAQ

Q: How does your shipping work?

A: All meats are shipped directly from our farmers to you, and never through a warehouse. Since all products ship direct from the individual farmer, we cannot order from multiple farmers at the same time.

We have a cost effective, safe, and environmentally sound method to get your purchase to you. We utilize FedEx express shipping, typically arriving one day after shipping from the farm. We provide you with tracking information so you know when you can expect your delivery.

Q: What do you charge for shipping directly to me?

A: We have worked hard to create a simple & affordable shipping rate for overnight and express ground delivery, based on shipping zones and predetermined box sizes. We provide free shipping for bundles to neighboring states, and charge a small surcharge to other states in the continental US.

Q: Do you use Styrofoam shipping containers?

A: No way! We value the environment and have done our best to ensure you are getting the most product in your containers. We are using Green Cell, a biodegradable insulator that fits into our recyclable boxes. After you receive your package, take the insulator out of the box and remove the outer wrapping. You may either run the inside material under water in your sink or allow it to dissolve outside in your yard. It will not harm the water supply and will completely dissolve with water! Take a moment to watch our video to see for yourself. Please don’t forget to recycle your cardboard box as well!

Q: What is your shipping schedule?

A: Shipping schedule varies by farmer, but we typically ship between Monday – Thursday with next day delivery. Once your products ship you will receive a tracking number. Slagel Family Farm orders usually process and ship within 5 business days. Goat and lamb orders may have a bit longer processing time, but we will do everything to get your order ready and to your home as quickly as possible. Wheeler Farms orders within 5 days. Fairbury Farms orders could take up to 5-7 business days prior to shipping due to the size of the bundles. This is still weeks to months faster than similar sized orders placed with other farms. Please understand that all of your items may not be frozen solid when they arrive to you. Many of our products are cut to order so you are receiving very fresh cuts. The overnight shipping and ice packs ensure your products will be cold and safe for your family!

Q: What if I’m not home the day my shipment arrives?

A: Our shipping will arrive via FedEx and does not require your signature. It will be packed to stay cold for many hours after it arrives. Nonetheless, please unpack it right away and place in your freezer or fridge. Once delivery is confirmed, the package becomes your responsibility. We will provide you delivery status updates via email.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We ship to all U.S. states, excluding Hawai'i and Alaska!

Q: How can I view the status of my order?

A: Upon purchase, we’ll send you an email confirmation of your order. When your order ships, we will send you status updates on estimated delivery time and delivery confirmation. Additionally, you can return to the site at any time, sign in and view the status of your order.

Q: How precise will my order size be?

A:The cuts, quantities and approximate sizes of your order will conform to the product descriptions. Please expect some variation in the exact weight of each cut from slight differences in preparation, animal size and dry-aging.

Q: Can I return my order?

A:USDA regulations do not allow returns or exchanges. Minor tears or rubs on the vacuum sealed packaging or paper wrapper should not affect the safety or taste of your meat. If you have an issue with the packaging, appearance or quality of the meat, please email a photo and description of the issue to We will work with you to resolve your issue.

General FAQ

Q: How does Source to Table operate?

A: Source to Table delivers naturally raised meat from independent farms to your home. We introduce you to your small, independent farmers who produced the animal. You choose the cuts or bundle you want and then we will deliver to your home.    

Q: How much meat do I get?

A: You pick the exact cuts you want, and we will do our best to explain the approximate size and weight of your order.   To improve efficiency with shipping, we have a $75 minimum order size. All bundle descriptions specify the quantity and size of the cuts included. If you choose to make individual selections, you pick the cuts you want based on the product descriptions.

Q: Will it fit in my freezer?

A: Orders under 15 pounds will have no trouble fitting that into the available freezer space of an ordinary home refrigerator. You might want to plan ahead for the medium and large sized bundles, with our largest around 95 pounds!

Q: How can I optimize shipping for my order?

A: We have optimized our curated bundles to provide the best price per pound, and offer free shipping to several Midwest states with small surcharge for all others. If you’re purchasing individual cuts, pair them with a bundle and they ship with no incremental costs.

Q: Why do you need my email?

A: Source to Table is focused on connecting you with your farmer. From time to time we’ll be bringing online new meats and cuts at various price points. You might have some favorites as well, so we’d like to keep you informed. We do not and will not resell your contact information

Q: What kind of farmers do you work with?

A: Our mission is to develop exceptional customer experiences by connecting customers to our farmers and protecting the viability of these farmers. We work only with independent farmers – never industrial operations, meat brokers or warehouses. You will have the opportunity to learn more about these farmers and how they operate. Source to Table helps our farmers by exposing them to a broader customer base and managing the marketing, customer support, packaging and shipping.

Q: How can I work with Source to Table to sell my meat?

A:We are open to working with more independent producers who align to our high standards in meat quality and animal care practices. Please contact us at to learn more.