About Us

Who We Are

Our founder Keith grew up in a small Iowa livestock farm, and although his family didn’t have much, there were always nutritious meals on their table. His family enjoyed the meat from their own farm, never worrying about where their food was coming from or how it was raised and processed.

Years later, Keith began a career with a Fortune 100 company, married the love of his life, Gretchen, and started a family. As they raised their children, they were fortunate to have farm-raised meats from Keith’s parents in their freezer. Many friends inquired about how to get meat directly from farmers…the source. Unfortunately most farmers & ranchers only had a market through multinational packers and weren’t prepared to process and sell their product to everyday people.

There had to be a way. Partnering with a young entrepreneur, Aadi, they launched Source to Table and ultimately formed a relationship with Slagel Family Farm in Central Illinois. Several months later SourcetoTable.com went live and began shipping fresh & frozen farm-raised meat across the nation without using warehouses or consolidators. When COVID-19 crippled the nation’s centralized meat supply, Source to Table proved it was a better way.

At present day, Keith and Gretchen run Source to Table while raising their 4 kids and working in and outside of the home. Due to Keith’s love for farming, he focuses on relationships with our farmers and processors and running the overall business. Gretchen is a natural people-person, managing customer service and daily operations with our farmers and shippers. With family and agriculture being important to us, we find our work with Source to Table to be a natural extension on how we live every day.

It's important for us to work with producers that have a passion for farming and use practices that we trust for our own family. Our desire is to continue to find farmers and ranchers who embody these practices in other regions of the US to help promote small independent farms and affordably ship across the country. If you are producer who has a similar vision and passion, feel free to contact us to determine if Source to Table is right for you.

Why Source to Table?

- Speedy, affordable, delivery to your home!

- Meat cut to order and shipped directly from farms

- Never warehoused or consolidated

- Best tasting with no antibiotics or hormones