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Connecting you to exceptional, naturally raised meats shipped directly from independent farmers.


Our story starts with a passion for helping the American farmer.  

Keith grew up on small Iowa farm, and watched his parents struggle through the farm crisis of the 80’s, where neighbors, friends and families lost their farms. Fortunately, his family persevered through these challenges. He eventually studied Agricultural Engineering at Iowa State University, started his career with a Fortune 100 company, and with just a few dollars and lots of ingenuity, became a landowner and operating farmer himself. From working with his father and 13 years of his own personal farming experience, Keith observed how farming has evolved and the challenges farmers are facing to modernize and adapt to market changes.

Aadi started his entrepreneurial drive from a young age. From selling “Silly Bands” in elementary school to running an online marketing agency, drop shipping, and establishing an influential political blog, he has created an impressive business portfolio in a very short time.   Aadi learns quickly, operates his businesses at quantum speed and seems unencumbered by the basic human need for sleep.  

After becoming acquainted through Keith’s daughter, they both recognized an opportunity to leverage Aadi’s business development, e-commerce, and marketing capabilities to solve a problem that Keith had identified… how to get high quality, farm raised products directly to our family’s tables. They began the creation of Source to Table, and set out on a journey to revolutionize the way we get food while protecting the viability of our American farmers.



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