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Meet Your Farmer

We want you to know where your meat is coming from, how they care for their animals and for you to be confident in your selections for your family. We will continue to expand our farmer base to bring you selections from more farmers.

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Why Choose Source to Table?

We Care

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to know where their food comes from. We take the time to get to know the farmers we highlight so you can be confident in your selections for your family.



Typical shopping doesn’t allow you to know where your products are coming from. With Source to Table your orders are filled directly from your farmer. We do not warehouse the product like other online providers.

Best Quality

We work with our dedicated farmers to meet the high standards of our customers while offering a wide variety of meats, cuts, and finishes. Additionally, we only utilize USDA inspected processing facilities.

Environmentally Conscious

At Source to Table we pride ourselves in our environmental responsibility. We use Green Cell insulation for all of our packages, NOT styrofoam. Our Green Cell insulation can be dissolved in your sink or composted in your yard.


A message from the founders:

Keith and Aadi

"We started Source to Table as a way to get high quality, farm raised products directly to family's tables. We want to greatly improve the customer experience, increase transparency of our food sources, and protect the viability of our American farmers."


Good Meat. Good Life.

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